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Synth brutality

The music is inspired by the raw emotions and nerve from the punk-scene, without War Drums being an actual punk-band. We see ourselves thrive on the pulse and nerve from the punk scene. The aim is to hit that primal feeling within, that makes us feel like we're free but at the same time trapped in the void between our music and reality.

Snow – From the album GUMMO

The Music

The dark synth sounds and the lyrical universe in the music of War Drums, draws clear parallels to the band’s influences, which can be found in 80’s Dark Wave bands like The Sound, but also among more contemporary Industrial artists like The Soft Moon. In 2013 the band released the EP Wilderness Children that received 5/6 stars in Gaffa and got air play on the Danish national radio ’DR P6 Beat’. In 2018 they will release a full length album.

Music video