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It is common sense to seek shelter when the sound of the war drums
approaches. But, it could also be fun to see what happens next. Because I
like the challenge, I tend to advance anything slightly dark and potentially
hazardous for my own psychic health, and it is that exact feeling I get when
I listen to this excellent Aarhus-based Post-Punk band, War Drums.
The foundation of the band is Carsten Hebsgaard Nielsen and Thomas
Kring, which at live shows are expanded with Drummer, Ronny Soerensen
and Jacob Broenlund on keys.

They have recently released their debut EP ’Wilderness Children’.
To break the trend of guitar-based rock, War Drums laid down their arms to
utilize the powers of the Synthesizer instead. GAFFA presented War Drums
with a **** review for their performance at the 2014 RECession Festival
held at the venue ’Radar’ in Aarhus in November 2013, where references
such as Turboweekend were mentioned in this regard.
Read the full review here! (in Danish)

Without the transgressive and controversial lyrics, and even without guitar,
War Drums obtains an extremely industrial sound that does not abandon
post-punk at any time. In a time which is favoured by mellow pop-rock
with bands such as The Neighbourhood on airplay across the radiostations,
though War Drums are a tad more brutal in their performance,
their music is very contemporary and has received a well-deserved spot
on P6 BEAT (Denmark’s National Radio).

by Ditte Olesen // vonsonic.com